Monday, September 10, 2007

Helmet. Go.

I'm glad the NFL season has started. That is all.


Lee Herrick said...

I hear you, Oliver. I am a devout Chargers fan, dating back to the Dan Fouts/Kellen Winslow/Chuck Muncie "we will score more points than you" era. I hope this is our year.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Your division's going to be wicked-tough (the AFC in general, not the AFC West).

Me, I tend to espouse the local teams, although when I lived in New York, I hated the Giants and the Jets. Buffalo, was ok.

Anyway, now I'm cheering on the Seahawks, though there's a space in my heart for the Cardinals (yeah, same division . . . very hard), because my first pro football game was watching the Cardinals play the Redskins at Sun Devil Stadium.

The Seahawks may win the NFC West . . . in fact, the NFC generally looks sucky, so we may go all the way.

Lee Herrick said...

I'm old school. At one time, I knew which teams were in which conference, but about, what, five or ten years ago they changed them and I lost track. I still sometimes forget that the Panthers and the Jaguars are actual pro teams. I used to love the Houston Oilers, for example, and how Earl Campbell would basically run over anyone who got in the way.

At any rate, Oliver, you and I are going to have to put down a little wager if the Seahawks and Chargers play. They both should be pretty good this year.