Monday, November 16, 2009

Broadsides, Winds, and other Stuff

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Two broadsides have recently been made of my work.

The broadside for "If, Given," was made by my cousin, Jovencio de la Paz.

The broadside of "Fury" was made by Sara Wochna, a student at Pacific Lutheran University.


Windy day in Western Washington. A number of trees blew down on my neighbors' properties. One tree fell over the main driveway leading out to the highway, but the tree's not on our property, so I can't just hop over and cut it without asking permission. Anyway, I was able to drive into town.

I predict that when I head back home later this afternoon, I'll have some chainsawing to do. Today is a steel toe boots day.


The other stuff has to do with planning readings for the new book. I haven't been as aggressive with this as I should because I've been quite saturated by work and real life stuff. And the real life stuff is big stuff . . . stuff that takes precedent. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, it's stuff that affects schedules. I figure, though, I can start to book the local engagements, and then maybe plan for some Fall 2010 readings.

Wow. Fall 2010.


Current read: Nicholson Baker's The Anthologist. So far, spirited. The protagonist has all the distractions of most poets that I know, which I find to be funny, endearing, and aggravating. I'm only through to chapter 2, but it's a fast read and I shan't be long.


Current spin:

Taken by Trees. "To Lose Someone." The video is, from what I gather, a fan video.


Anonymous said...

Any plans for copies of either of those broadsides to be available for sale? They're lovely. --Papatya

Susan Rich said...

Congratulations on the two broadsides, Oliver. And the new book! I've also got a book coming out and need to get started on booking readings...Maybe that can be my New Year's resolution...I did just start a blog with the name of my book - Peter says I'm a little late to the party ...

Oliver de la Paz said...

Hey Pops, yeah. I'm trying to figure out a fair price to charge for 'em. Otherwise, I have a whole bunch of these broadsides in my closet.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Susan. Hey . . . maybe we can book some readings together!