Friday, November 06, 2009

Quick Bits

Great reading at PLU last night. Thanks to Rick for inviting me to read with Jason Koo.

I also want to thank the students for being awesome and for the beautiful broadsides. Pictures of the broadsides are forthcoming.


Dear God, I want to go to this: The Pixies!!!


The wee one has a cold. It's his first cold which means he's completely miserable, cranky, and not sleeping. Which means that we his parents are miserable, cranky, and not sleeping.


Still not writing, but that's okay. I had quite the summer. I don't foresee any bursts of creativity in the future. I'm just not moved to go to the writing desk these days because of all the stuff that's out in front of me.


Current Spin:

The Duchess and the Duke.

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