Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Weird Dreams

Na estrada, originally uploaded by Felipe Schlickmann.

I was driving in what was clearly Washington's fifth congressional district--relatively flat, arid land with few markers to cue me in.

After about three hours of aimless driving, I realized that I was traveling in the wrong direction. Rather than head back in the correct direction, I instead looked for a roadside motel.

From the motel, I remember seeing dust clouds from a car on the road, and I remember calling my family telling them that I would be late.

Then I woke up.



Week 8 of the academic quarter. Rainy. People with colds. Children with colds. Me with a cold.


Poem? Boy, I've got ideas for poems . . . lots and lots of ideas.


Current spin:

For some reason, Lykki Li was in my brain this morning.


Reb said...

Start with the number 5. 5 what is what you need to figure out. Is it referring to something that started 5 years (months) ago? When you were 5?

You're driving (you're in control) and you're lost and there's little guidance/help available. At some point you realize you're headed in the wrong direction, but instead of correcting your path, you choose to stay there, watching the dust-up.

Ask yourself: Where do you feel like you've stopped in your tracks after realizing you were going about something wrong?

Oliver de la Paz said...

Hrm. Seems like I'm having lots of anxiety/choice dreams these days, huh, Reb?

Reb said...

They could all be addressing the same circumstance? The psyche does not know when to shut up and drop it.